Fresh Meat / Deli / Carry-Out

29980 Coressel Rd - Defiance, OHIO 43512

Shop History


Herm's Sausage Shop is back in the family.
Scott McMurtrie, grandson of the late Herman Bischoff
who started the business in 1964,
purchased the shop in November of 2006 from Tom Bostelman
who owned the
business for the past 11 years.

Herm's Sausage Shop is known for it's Bratwurst
and used to supply brats for all of the area polka festivals.

While those are fading away the shop is doing
alot more of precooked brats for parties and other social events.

The shop is also known for it's Summer Sausage.
Which is only made by folks that come into help
make the sausage for themselves, otherwise it is not for sale.

In June of 2010 McMurtrie expanded the store by moving
  into the old Mohrings Carry-Out in Napoleon.
Where the store is now called Herm's Fresh Meat/Deli/Carry-Out.


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